Online Strategy


Do you have an overview and do you know what your competitors are doing?

You probably already have a website on the internet in addition to your physical store. So you have the followed the advice. And your customers might even buy your products directly on the website and pay by credit card.

Does this mean that you have mastered your e-commerce ?

Consider these points before you answer it

  • Do you know how many people visit your website, and who it is?
  • Do you know what your visitors think about your website?
  • Do you know about your competitors plan to offer your customers to use their mobile phones to do shop?
  • Do you find that your customers come to your store to see, feel and get advice – but just want to have a look ?
  • Is your supplier starting to selling direct to your customers through their own website and therefore steal your customers?
  • Yes, you say “I still believe that I am in control of my e -commerce and the revenue is ok – but the earnings are not ok!.”

This is were it all changes from e- commerce to e -business and you need an online strategy!
E-business creates the link between sales, logistics, service and production. The purpose is to avoid unnecessary costs caused by too much handling. This is part of Lean thinking.

There are several elements in this change:

  • Your online strategy – we have experience in this and can help you .
  • A proven platform. We have developed the platform LEAP (LEan APps). It makes it easy and safe for you to optimize your online business.